coming up soon: evening programme Beginners part1 June 6; intensive twice a week June 7 ; Beginners 2 August 31, two person programmes all levels . We only offer teaching in small groups or one to one at our physical location. We keep teaching at the highest standard possible while ensuring everyone's safety. Contact us now for our special ILC: Individual Language Coaching for managers and specialists.

Evening Group A-0 to A-2: Beginners 1 and 2


All Covid-19 government guidelines are still strictly followed and so for these courses we will work with a small group of students in our classrooms. Bonus is that you will get lots of individual attention.


At ITHA the Beginners programme level A2 is a compact curriculum of 2 parts:
Beginners part 1 up to level A1+
Beginners part 2 up to level A2.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety for our students and staff. are well ventilated and we still will work with a max. of 5 students per group.

Intensive Beginners part 1: 8 weeks evening ( to level A1+)

Once a week

course dates

April 26: ask for the time table.
June 6 to July 11 ( duration 6 weeks ;8 evenings)

lesson time
18.00 -19.30
No break during the lesson.

new lesson materials: textbook + online materials €73,- ; ITHA-book incl. hand outs €15,00
( the textbook is for 2 courses A1+A2)

During this Covid-19 period we also can offer the Beginners 1 course for a maximum of two people : Fee €650,- (excluding lesson materials).

High Intensive Beginners part 1: 4 weeks evening (to level A1+)

Twice a week / 8 evenings

This twice a week evening programme is quite intensive for persons who have a full time job. For every lesson there are assignments to be made in preparation for the next lesson (on average 2 working days in between lessons).
If you think you are up to this, you can achieve a lot in 4 weeks.

course dates
February 8 to March 3
April 29 to May 24
June 7 to July 1

lesson times
18.15 to 19.45
Fryday 18.00 to 19.30
No break during the lesson

€ 505,-
new lesson materials: text book + online: €73,- ITHA-book:€15,00


Intensive Beginners part 2: 9 weeks evening A2

At ITHA the Beginners programme level A2 is a compact curriculum of 2 parts:
Beginners part 1 up to level A1+
Beginners part 2 up to level A2.

In this programme your knowledge of Dutch developed in part 1 will be enhanced, applying new vocabulary and idiom spontaneously. Various group exercises and presentations in Dutch. An intensive programme with e-mail support on your homework to be sended every week. You will work together in a team of 4 to 5 people.

* For students who did not take the ITHA Beginners-1 programme we invite you for an interview to check if your level meets the requirement of A1+. If you are interested, please contact us.

starting date
January 12
February 16
April 26
August 31
lesson time
9 evenings

€ 595,-
ITHA book part 2, incl. e-mail support and hand outs: €35,-
Textbook first course


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