coming up soon: evening programme Beginners part1 June 6; intensive twice a week June 7 ; Beginners 2 August 31, two person programmes all levels . We only offer teaching in small groups or one to one at our physical location. We keep teaching at the highest standard possible while ensuring everyone's safety. Contact us now for our special ILC: Individual Language Coaching for managers and specialists.

Language exam training for medical specialists

Non-EU/medical specialists who want to work in The Netherlands first need to obtain a Certificate of Professional competence before they can be included in the BIG-register.
To this end doctors have to pass successfully a general knowledge and skills test (‘AKV’) . The AKV test also includes checks of Dutch language competence at a level C1 of the NT2 (Dutch as second language).
Are you applying for the BIG register and you already have a Dutch proficiency level B1+. ITHA provides a short intensive course.


The BIG register lists the following healthcare professionals who want to work in the Dutch healthcare sector: pharmacists, doctors, physiotherapists, health psychologists, psychotherapists, dentists, midwives and nurses can all be registered. Enroll for this training and we will contact you as soon we have 3 to 4 students to start with.


in consultation

number of students:

individual tailor-made
group :max. 4

lesson time:

in consultation

fee for a small group:

€925,- incl. hand outs

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