OUR SPECIAL OFFER THIS SUMMER FOR 4 STUDENTS : Beginners evening intensive starts July 29 to August 22 ; SUMMER COURSE 10 DAYS starts Juli 31 to August 15. Personal private programs all levels. Specialists in tailormade individual programmes

Intensive one to one week training: quality time

starting level: beginners

Efficient learning
This course is developed for those who want to learn as much as possible in a relatively short period of time. This also suits people with demanding professions where it is hard to fit in a schedule of Dutch lessons and doing homework.
Linguistic research has shown that the level of concentration goes down significantly after three hours of continuous study. A break, such as a walk in the fresh air or some lunch in town will rejuvenate your head, but you may not absorb as much new information as you would have in the first three hours. We have developed a highly efficient way of learning that will still leave you plenty of spare time in the evenings.

No-nonsense day
We offer you a 6 to 7 hours no-nonsense day which starts with:
3 hours of face to face lessons
lunch break (your own time)
3 to 4 hours of individual rehearsing what you have learned in the morning and exercises to put your knowledge into practice.

You will have enough time to do personal things, such as having dinner at home, watching Dutch television, and most importantly: sleeping in your own bed. No hotel room, no group breakfasts, no extra bills. You will be able to relax in your own way which will give you better concentration, energy levels and of course a better result.


start date: to be arranged with the student

total session hours: minimal 20 x 45 minutes in 1 or 2 weeks.

fee: for beginners €1890,- + €90,- course materials
*Fee including email support: €1980,- +€90,- course materials

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