Our slogan: Defeating the virus by "isolated solidarity". All our group programmes suspended. Keep in touch with our facebook page. We hope to see you all back as soon as possible. Our office is open for e-mail and telephone calls. Individual programmes online still possible.


Learn Dutch at ITHA Dutch language institute: specialist in Dutch language courses since 1991 and NRTO certified.

Only Dutch!
At a high pace, intensive with a personal touch: learning Dutch at ITHA speaks for itself.
28 Years of experience and certified by NRTO: Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding


We organize intensive Dutch language programmes for higher educated foreigners (Bachelor degree or Masters) or businesses, from beginners A, State Exam NT2.2, to C1.

In our curriculum we emphasise realistic situations of various social environments that are common in The Netherlands (including work )

We provide tailor made Dutch courses such as correct writing and effective communication applicable to your professional working environment (beginners to advanced).

Most of our students in the Dutch lessons have the ambition to make a lot of progress in a short time. This we can guarantee because in the small learning groups there is a lot of opportunity to experiment with various ways of expressing yourself in Dutch and to get enough personal attention for your questions. You will be stimulated by a motivated teacher-coach for whom it is a professional and personal satisfaction to let you achieve.


Our approach: focuse on achievement and results - personal attention - intensive and professional- learning can be fun-comparison of language learning to teamsport

As one of our students said:

The Dutch course at ITHA was really inspiring and interesting. I was surprised how quickly I was able to start having conversations in Dutch. It was a valuable and social experience and I have made some good friends. This was definitely more than just a language course.

We offer programmes from level A1 to C2++
(Reference European Framework Languages ). Find our offer in the menu at the top.

Our students have come from a wide range of companies and organisations